Zonestar ZRIB 3D Controller board


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Dette er Zonestar sitt nyeste Controller Board, passer til Zonestar 3D printer annonsert her, samme firmware/software.

Zonestar Reprap 3D Printer Controller Board Motherboard ZRIB Compatible with RAMPS 1.4 Control Mendel i3 ATMEGA 2560


ZRIB is the combination of Arduino MEGA2560 plus RAMPS1.4 and A4982 in 3D printer. It is a feature rich all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices.  It features an onboard ATmega2560. Its five motor outputs are powered by A4982 stepper drivers. It use CP2012 for USB and not ATMEGA16U2 as MEGA2560 for ARDUINO.  The board can use the same firmware as Ramps1.4. ZRIB is designed to be flexible in the user’s power source availability, allowing any power supply from 12V-24V.  It is supplied with a P802N Frimware defualt and you can upload another firmware. You can upload(Arduino IDE ,Cura etc.) firmware through USB port.


  • Combinate Ard-uino MEGA2560 + RAMPS1.4,  5 x A4988 drivers
  • Ard-uino MEGA compatible Atmega2560  processors are compatible with all RAMPS class  firmware
  • Firmware can use the same configuration as RAMPS1.4
  • It is suitable for three Extrude printer
  • Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector,  RepRapDiscount SmartController compatible pin header on  board
  • 3x temperature ADC connectors for thermistors
  • 2x Fan control and 1x board cooler connector
  • Up to 6 motor drivers (2x Serial connect Z motor connector)ith A4982
  • 5x PWM capable power mosfet outputs  with voltage selector for Main Power.(Bed, Extruder0,  Extruder1, Fan1 Fan2)
  • 6x endstop connectors with selectable power supply Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax, with filter capacitor and the pull-up resistor on the board
  • Reverse connection protection of power supply.
  • USB Driver Chip is CP2012, you can get files from Silicon-Laboratories website to setup driver


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