Loddefett 100g Soldering Paste Flux Grease


100g AMTECH NC-559-ASM BGA PCB SMT IC Reballing Soldering Paste Flux Grease

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Introduction: Rework help paste applied to mobile phone PCB, BGA and SMD’s PGA etc. It’s used in low ionic activator system, tin-run speed Low level of smoke,surface insulation resistance value is high residue after curing Therefore, the electrical properties of the cell phones and other communications products, very little interference

Features: NC-559 as a leave-in help paste residue color is very light, there is a very high value of SIR Recommended for BGA, CSP and other solder ball array repair and fill the ball When using smoke less, no residue. Affordable.

Suitable for: North and south bridge, cards, cell phone chip, video chip BGA solder, bumping Also can use off the tin, the effect is very ideal The residue was less bright spot, less smoke, no pungent odor, do not run the ball


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