Breeze audio Hifi 2.1 Bluetooth 75W*2+150W Subwoofer Digital Audio Power Amplifier



2017 New Breeze audio BA10C TPA5613 Hifi 2.1 Bluetooth 4.0 75W*2+150W Subwoofer Digital Audio Power Amplifiers Aluminum Case amp. Version with Bluetooth Power supply included


Brand Name:xDuooModel Number:Breeze audio BA10cPackage:YesType:Professional AmplifierChannels:2 (2.0)Version 1 :without Bluetooth no power supplyVersion2:with Bluetooth no power supplyVersion3 :with Bluetooth and Power supplyTHD+N:<1%Type:Power amplifierInput impedence:20KohmOutput offset voltage:<150mvfrequence range:20hz–20khzpower=»» range:dc18-dc32=»» plug=»» size=»» 5=»» 5mm=»» internal=»» 2=»» 1mm=»» load=»» range:4-8ohm=»» span=»» id=»mce_marker» data-mce-type=»bookmark»>È

Description: 1. This amplifier can be directly powered by switch power and 12V-24V 2. Four coupling capacitor now updated as MUSE capacitor or better ELNA capacitor 3. Input capacitor updated professional green MUSE AUDIO capacitor 4. Low pass filter, better subwoofer

Product Specification: This TAS5613d amplifer can drive DC35V 4ohm ,and offer 150w +150w +75w*2 2.1channel output ,it was made by PurePath™ HD Technology and TI advanced closed loop architecture THD+N:<1% Signal to noise ratio:>100dB Input impedence:20KΩ Output offset voltage:<150mv transfer=»» range:50v=»» us=»» frequence=»» range:20hz–20khz=»» external=»» size:=»» w=»» 102mmx=»» h=»» 36mm=»» d=»» 138mm=»» excluding=»» the=»» knob=»» and=»» terminal=»» sizes=»» load=»» range:4-8ohm=»» power=»» range=»» :dc18-dc32=»» plug=»» size=»» 5=»» 5mm=»» internal=»» 2=»» 1mm=»» ps:=»» this=»» item=»» is=»» supply=»» you=»» should=»» prepare=»» it=»» by=»» yourself=»» ouput=»» under=»» dc35v=»» tested=»» subwoofer=»» :150w=»» 4ohm=»» 80w=»» 8ohm=»» span=»» id=»mce_marker» data-mce-type=»bookmark»>È


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