ARDUBLOCK Graphical Programming Starter Kit


Keyestudio ARDUBLOCK Graphical Programming Starter Kit for Arduino

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1. Introduction: Ardublock zero-based programming kit is a new graphical programming study kit which is based on Arduino enthusiasts and developed by keyestudio. It greatly lowers the difficulty in program learning for enthusiasts. All computer language and professional statements of a program can be simplified into blocks. Compiling is as easy as block building. Interactive with Arduino development board, they can achieve exciting works. The open source feature of Arduino makes it extremely popular. You can find a many learning communities on the Internet. Ardublock is a graphical programming environment, just like blocks building, which greatly lowers the learning difficulty for starters. As long as you love it, everyone can play with Arduino without professional knowledge or relevant background. As for parents who stress on the education of next generation, this will be one of your best way to interact with your children.

Shipping list KEYESTUDIO UNO Control Board*1 V5 Sensor Shield*1 Joystick Module*1 5V Single Channel Relay*1 Adjustable Potentiometer Module*1 Piranha LED*3 Active Buzzer*1 Passive Buzzer*1 LM35 Temperature Sensor*1 Tilting Module*1 Photoresistor*1 Button Module*1 Capacitance Touch Module*1 Sound Module*1 Flame Module*1 Reed Switch Module*1 MQ-2 Combustible Gas and Smoke Module*1 Soil Module*1 Line Tracking Module*1 Human Body IR Pyroelectricity Module*1 Micro Sevro Module*1 Ultrasonic Wave Module*1 USB Cable*1 40PIN Male to Male Dupont*1


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